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Hair transplant in Turkey : for whom ?

Hair transplant in Turkey is intended for patients suffering from baldness and androgenic alopecia, whatever its stage of advancement. It treats hair loss through the implantation of hair follicles in bald areas.

The hair transplant also helps to hide the alopecia and scars affecting the scalp. Thanks to the use of innovative medical techniques, the extraction and implantation processes of hair bulbs are minimally invasive and allow rapid healing without complications.

Advantages of hair transplant Turkey

By opting for hair transplant in Istanbul, you benefit from optimal hair treatment thanks to:

  • Experienced doctors with an infallible reputation worldwide
  • A professional healthcare team specializing in hair implantation
  • An intervention in a modern and perfectly equipped hair transplant clinic Turkey.
  • A rigorous and permanent follow-up: our assistants inquire about the evolution of the result over the months and put you in contact with the surgeon if necessary.

How is the hair transplant session performed in your clinic in Istanbul?

Implantation surgery is virtually painless. It takes place under local anesthesia with intradermal injection, and lasts between 5 and 8 hours. You will be taken care of by the Best Hair Transplant Doctor Turkey , and the healthcare team will ensure your comfort by setting up snack breaks and multimedia entertainment during the procedure.

Hair Transplant

The hair transplant session takes place in several stages:

  • Removal of hair follicles from the donor area, one by one in case of FUE hair transplant , or by strip in case of FUT hair transplant
  • Storage of grafts in a nutritious vitamin solution
  • Preparation of the recipient area by opening implantation channels
  • Implantation of follicles

What is the ideal number of grafts for a successful hair implantation?

The number of hair grafts required varies depending on the implantation technique chosen, the extent of the alopecia and the condition of the hair follicle harvesting area. In order to better assess the number of grafts required, a personalized preliminary diagnosis is carried out remotely using photos of the hair.

The images of the bald area allow us to estimate the density of grafts required. Likewise, the donor part (usually located at the back of the skull) should be photographed.

Even if it is important, the number of hair transplants is not always the best indicator. It is rather the survival rate of the implanted follicles which determines the degree of success of your hair transplant in Turkey (Istanbul).

How much does hair transplant in Turkey cost?

The hair transplant price in Turkey costs up to 50% less than in France. The hair transplant cost depends on the implantation technique (FUT, FUE or DHI hair transplant), the number of transplants and the conditions of the medical stay in Turkey. It includes in particular:

  • The consultation before and after hair transplant Turkey
  • Preoperative medical tests
  • The costs of surgery and anesthesia
  • Medical care (disinfectant lotion and shampoo, vitamin solution, etc.)
  • A convalescent stay in a Istanbul hotel
  • A private driver and an interpreter

How long does hair regrowth take after hair transplant Turkey ?

The hair from the grafted follicles falls out after 3 to 6 weeks. This fall is completely normal and is part of the hair regeneration process after transplanting the hair follicles. The regrowth of permanent hair gradually resumes around the 3rd postoperative month.

The Turkey hair transplant result is visible after 6 to 12 months. The color, thickness and density of the transplanted hair are almost identical to that of natural hair.

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