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Turkey Beard Registry: all-inclusive beard implants

The Turkey beard transplant is a hair surgery intervention allowing to find a full, masculine and well-drawn beard. It is intended for beardless men or whose beard has a low density of hairs.

In some cases, alopecia areata, scars and scars from beard burns may be good indications for beard implantation in Istanbul.

Benefits of setting up a beard in Istanbul

The FUE beard transplant in Istanbul offers several advantages:

  • Shaving of the donor area is not required
  • No scars in the sampling area
  • A quick and painless recovery
  • A natural and precise result
  • Rigorous follow-up and quality care in a modern clinic
  • Very advantageous prices compared to the prices in force in France

What is the ideal number of implants for a beard transplant Turkey ?

On average, the beard transplant in Istanbul requires 3000 hair implants. However, the number of beard implants varies from case to case. It depends on the outcome desired by the patient, the condition of the sample area and the density of the beard hair before hair transplantation.

The remote diagnosis and the consultation which precedes the FUE beard transplant in Turkeymake it possible to precisely determine the correct number of hair implants.


Beard transplant

How is the DHI beard transplant performed in Turkey ?

The beard transplant procedure in Istanbul takes place under local anaesthesia and lasts on average 6 hours. You will be supported by a medical team specializing in hair implant surgery in the best beard transplant clinic in Turkey..

Beard implantation is based on the same hair surgery techniques used for eyebrow transplant or alopecia treatment. The grafts are separated, placed in a nutritive solution and then implanted one by one in the interstices of the beard.

Each hair follicle is inserted respecting the implantation line, the angle and the natural orientation of the beard hair there.

How much does a beard transplant cost in Turkey?

The price of the beard implant in Turkey depends on the extent of the areas to be covered, the quantity of follicles required, or the number of beard transplant sessions and the terms of the all inclusive medical stay in Turkey.

Request a free quote to find out the price of a beard transplant in Turkey.

Recovery after beard transplant and evolution of the result

After your beard transplant in Turkey, wait at least two weeks for the donor area on the back of your head to return to normal. Likewise, redness and crusting may remain visible for 3 to 7 days at the installation points.

At the end of the capillary intervention, the patient can have a glimpse of the result of the hair transplant, even if the fall of the grafts can begin a few days after the implantation surgery. the beard.

Once they have grown back (after at least 4 months), the implanted hairs blend perfectly into the beard for a natural and aesthetic result. Beard implants have an aspect and a growth cycle similar to natural beard hair, and the patient can trim or shave as desired.

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